Attractive Window Treatment Design with Retro Style 
Lately, a home interior design which considered more fresh is attracted by many people. Most of them want their home atmosphere looks luxurious but with minimal cost, or they have been bored with the old home and want to try the new one.
Classic Retro Living Room Design Ideas 
So, to overcame this problem, there is a right choice as consideration, called the retro-style interior. This interior type has the advantage in the form and colors brighter. The word of ‘retro’ is an abbreviation of retrospective, it means returning to the past. So, this retro-style is interior that the structure back to the 1950s to the 1960s.
Amazing Retro Living Room Design Concept 
Usually, retro color motif is more charming and provides comfort. one of the dominant characters is the use of synthetic material with combination of bright colors and use geometric shapes. The characteristics of retro furniture more use colors like orange, pink, yellow, apricot, green and blue. in addition, graphic shapes with a flat field is also used, so it is more cheerful and not flat.