Amazing Outdoor Office Rooms Design Model 
A unique innovation of outdoor studio rooms, presents portable office design. Their rooms plan design for specific function with semi-permanent construction, manufacturing system with assembly and installation. In addition to office, there are also functions like gallery or studio, private gym, or room for relaxing.
Modern Outdoor Studio Rooms Design Model 
This innovation is present to answer room needs on limited space because of the high cost of building construction. Also because of its tiny size and portable design makes it easy to be moved or stored. It will certainly be very flexible for us to put it anywhere around the yard or even on the roof if you are using concrete.
The installation of a garden room provides not only the practical garden office, garden studio, gym or leisure garden room you require, but a beautiful addition to your outside space. The perfect garden room or garden office solution also avoids many of the planning restrictions and disruption normally associated with construction. Furthermore, whether you are looking for a decadent garden escape or compact garden office, our garden rooms can be up and running within weeks of being ordered. Your newly-installed garden office or garden gym could mean a speedy end to expensive office rents and gym memberships! At Rooms Outdoor we are pleased to you offer our “housing standard” designs suitable for year-round use as garden rooms or garden offices, ranging from the traditional Shomera designs to our modern contemporary solutions.
Futuristic Outdoor Studio Rooms Design Model 
Not only that, the design offered by the outdoor studio rooms dedicated specifically as an ornamental and aesthetic element to the park or your garden. As if replacing the gazebo with function that more “Valuable”, we can choose various designs according to your needs and tastes ranging from classic designs, traditional to modern designs.
Contemporary Outdoor Studio Rooms Design Model 
Size offered is also very diverse, such as solo type measuring 3m x 3.4 m devoted to “home worker” or a freelancer who does not need large room. Besides privacy, it is also very well preserved because it can be placed anywhere, you can get a quiet atmosphere to improve your work productivity.