New American Chair Design Model 
Cool rocking chair was designed by Denis Santachiara for Domodinamica, renowned Italian furniture company. This chair can rocked dynamically in all directions.
Modern Office Chair Design Ideas 
Office chair for USD 8000 is made from car seat, Ferrari F360 Challenge car is original. It’s very comfortable and soft, you will feel like seating on car.
Elegant Bookcase Chair Model Concept 
Knock down chair, this design from Gail Peter Borden. It’s combined between bookshelf with a chair, the result is a practical chair for book lovers. This chair can be found at Yanko Design at price of USD 750.
Amazing Electricity Chair Design Ideas 
An interesting chair concept of Rizki Tarisa, a hi-tech chair that is able to meet modern needs as well as the user’s convenience. Equipped with a table to put the laptop as well as pedal power generator.
Artistic Rocking Chair Design 
This chair concept was made by Ryan Klinger. The chair is able to change the energy that generated from chair wobble into electricity that can be used to charge electronic equipment such as mobile or camera.
Elegant Chair Design Concept
A unique sofa, it’s created by Japanese architect Ryuji Nakamura. It is made of modern material called vucanized fiber, cellulose fiber from plant which is laminated with plastic, producing lighter and stronger material. Although this chair looks very weak, but the extraordinary strength.
Futuristic Wooden Chair Design 
This chair is an achievement for a timber specialist. It’s only made of wood without nails or metal screws. It’s precision made of plywood that cut by laser. This cool chair was made by Warren Office for Research and Design.
Best Chair Design Inspiration 
Chair series that has surface like the acupressure slipper surface, created by Theosabrata Leonard. It has won various prestigious contests, including the Red Dot Design Award 2003 in Germany, Well tech Award 2006 in Italy, and had the opportunity to be exhibited at the Museum of Science and Technology during the Milan Fair in 2006.