Modern House Residence Design Ideas 
JH House, an exclusive residential located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. A modern villa designed by Bernardes Jacobsen of Architecture in 2007. The house is full of architectural detail combined with the attractive landscape composition and equipped with a swimming pool.
Amazing House Design Gallery 
The basic concept of this building is line power and managing field proportion. The wood curtains are used as privacy blocks and creating interesting composition and produce light effect in the dramatic room. U-shaped landscape structure as an open area for entertainment, filled with a swimming pool, basketball court and park to throw party. We will also be brought on experience in the house that applied with the contour and split-level.
New Living Room Design Ideas
Vertically, zoning function on the ground floor is filled with common and recreational activities. Functions that private and semi private are placed on the next floor.  Modern contemporary furniture and interior furnishings that used felt right and harmonious as decorative element.