Animal Chair Design Ideas 
Do not be afraid! This sofa is so unique, funny, and very decorative. This sofa designed by Rodolfo Rocchetti, the designer of home furnishings. Some of the following sofa designed by Rodolfo.
Cow Chair Design Model 
By combining contemporary art and Rodolfo Rocchetti creativity make a sofa with unique layer and resembles a wild animal.
This products are very similar to the original animal, have unique characteristics, and work with the artificial hand to get the absolutely perfect.
Latest Chair Design Model 
The skills superimposed into furniture products, which is a hereditary family tradition, so that with the Rodolfo’s experience completing an excellent job.
This sofa is made of imitation fur, so do not worry for you who love animals. To enhance the animal felt alive, the designer added with animal head that almost looks perfect as the original, make your room decor will be more attractive, becoming fresh ideas and creative for your interior.