Cassina Sofas Starck Prive Design Model
Sofa is like island shape with two backs and arms as plate support center which really fancy, many steps to do to make it looks like a bed, the basic structure and aluminum legs polished can enhance the look and quality of the skin on sofa layer.
Cassina Philippe Starck Prive Lounge White Type
This sofa uses materials through the process used on this wide seat that made ??of polyurethane foam of different densities of backrests and armrests are made ??with steel frame and coated with polyurethane foam and combined with polyester material.
New Cassina Sofas Starck Prive Photo
Leather processing, then, making this model even more exclusive and valuable. For chair and sofa, equipped with removable cushion and can be equipped with white or black leather. If you really pay attention, this chair actually provides perfect comfort for you.