Artistic Batik Interior Design Gallery 
Batik as Indonesian nation’s cultural heritage has been recognized by the international community. The whole world recognizes the beauty of motifs. In the fashion world, batik has dignity value and imaging high-class person in a business association and the state in Indonesia. How if this motif we apply to decorate our home interior design?
Fantatsic Home Terrace with Batik Design 
Batik motif has been synonymous with the clothing or fashion even national dress. But did you know that batik motifs could be used to beautify home interior such as batik motif wallpaper, furniture with batik motifs, batik cushion, sofa with batik or batik bed covers. If we can design and managing batik motif for interior beauty of our home, it will be extraordinary. Usually that apply batik motifs as elements to beautify room interior is a hotel resort, spa interiors, and culture gallery.